Thursday, February 12, 2009

Have you ever wanted to learn another language, well now is your chance, i know how to speak Afrikaans, and i can teach you a few words:)
hello - hello
good morning - Goeie môre (GWEE-uh MOR-uh)
good afternoon - Goeie dag (GWEE-uh dag )with the “g” like you have popcorn in your throat :)
how are you - Hoe gaan dit? (hoo gahn dit?)
Im fine thanks - Goed dankie (Guut DUN-key) how are you - Hoe gaan dit met jou? (hoo gahn dit met yow)

Hi everyone

This is my first blog and i cant wait to get into all the awesome things our teacher has told us about blogging.
i hope you all write some cool comments!