Saturday, March 7, 2009

the goergie pie

In class we are doing a statistical investigation - Queen Bead, Little Kiwi and me miss south africa are doing "who wants the Georgie pie back" if you are wondering whet this Georgie pie thing is well, let me tell you - it is a pie shop that used to be in New Zealand, it was even a NZ icon! well it was in New Zealand 10-15 years ago so if your not older than 15 or something like that you have probably never heard of it :] Anyway fifteen closed down and 17 were made into Mac Donald's! Some children in Christchurch decided to try and bring it back for a day which they did and people were even coming from Auckland to Christchurch to have one! Well i hope that i can make a difference, but even if i don't i would have learned heaps! :]


  1. If you are interested in this post, comment and say if you would like the georgie pie stay!

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