Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Handy Tips...

Well... we have been asked to write a post about anything we, because i am passionate about being friendly to our environment i will write something along those lines. We have learnt about Sustainability in our class as you have probably realized, so i thought i should give you some "Handy Tips" on how to keep our beautiful earth clean and green... and make it fun while you are doing it : ] First of all plant a tree, trees aswell as giving us oxagen, soak up all the CO2 in the air and atmostphere. One tree will soak up two tons of oxygen in it's life time! If planting a tree sounds kinda boring to you why dont you get some friends over and in a few weeks see which one of your trees has grown the most, make it fun : ] When you are cold and think of turning on the heater, don't... rather put on an extra jersey or another top, or even longer pants! When you are about to get in a car or bus, or any sort of transport, think first, do you really have to? Would you be able to ride a bicycle or walk to where you are going? Instead of making more fumes in our atmosphere from petrol, and that sort of stuff, GO GREEN : ] If you are going to a friends party and you have people that life near you, why dont a whole bunch of you go together? Little things like this make a huge difference in the long run. Buy local fruits and veges, or encourage your parent to! By supporting imported goods you are contributing to gases and fumes from ships and planes that they use to get goods overseas! You could even contact you energy supliers and ask if the energy they suply you with is from renueble sources, if not you could swich to another company. But to prevent all the bad things in our environment THINK BEFORE YOU ACT : ] miss south africa

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