Thursday, July 23, 2009

In Ten Years...

In our class Mr Woody asked us to write about where we want to be in ten years, want we would have wanted to do or achieved by then. I want to have had a great time at school e.g. have good friendships and good relationships with teachers. I want to have had lots of achievement in my cultural and academic school work e.g. hockey, soccer, netball (sports) then things like science fair, library competitions things like those get you ready for the working career when you are older. At the moment i do not know what i want to do at the moment with my life or what career i want to have. I want to travel the world and see lots of different countries and what their cultures are like and how they live. I think a nurse would be a good job because in that type of business you can always get promoted into higher positions and another thing is that in this kind of job you will always have work where ever you go in the world and what ever country you live in. i also want to have a good family with 3 or 4 children and want to send them to a good school and hope that achieve well in their schooling time aswell.

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  1. Very sensible goals. Well thought through. You have plenty of time to achieve your goals, even if you are not sure about them yet. :-)